Asian Wedding Photography Services - Sydney Wedding Photographers Studio RL
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Asian Wedding Photography Services

Asian Wedding Photography

Asian Wedding Photography

The creative team at Studio RL Photography has covered some of the most fun, wacky and exclusive wedding events in the Asian community here in Sydney and nearby cities throughout the years.

Although we take pride in our signature style of classic with a modern twist, we are also very confident about our themed wedding photography services.  We love it when our imaginative clients share with us their ideas and vision and we are more than happy to execute it for them.

Whether you are Chinese, Indian, Filipino, or you are looking for a culturally inspired wedding photography and video coverage, Studio RL will definitely make it happen.

Our team takes pride in their creativity and passion in bringing out the best in every wedding photo and video coverage. Make sure you look into our packages and rates, or ask us for a custom package by dropping us a call!

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