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Sydney Bridal Hair & Makeup

Wedding Hair and Makeup

As wedding photographers we get to work with a lot of talented hair and make up artist. What some brides don’t realise is the importance of hair and make up. When brides plan their wedding day they are quick to lock in their preferred venue and wedding photographer and often leave the hair and make up booking to last and in many cases it may be too late.

Just like Wedding Venues and Photographers, the good hair and make up artists do book out quite early because they have a reputation and name in the industry and because they are good. If you leave it to late you may end up getting a hair and make up artist that you may not like or wasn’t your first preference.

Now we dont profess to be Hair and Make up experts but we do have a few tips for our brides when it comes to choosing and booking hair and make up.

Here are a few tips when choosing a hair and make up artist.

1. It goes without saying. If you have short listed a number of hair and make up artist make sure they are experienced in the industry. Experience goes a long way in the wedding industry. They know exactly how much time is required for the number of bridesmaids/mums/flower girls etc.. and they will be able to advise your accordingly and they know how to work efficiently to keep to schedule.

2. Your wedding day is important. Time is of the essence. When you have a make up crew trying to get yourself, your brides maids, mums, flower girls all made up, you need an experienced and very well organised hair and make up crew. Delays can have a significant knock on effect to your wedding day schedule. We have had brides arrive at their wedding ceremony 1hr late because the hair and make up wasn’t finished on time. In our personal experience, we have found lesser experienced hair and make up artist are less organised often run over schedule regardless of how much time has been allocated to hair and make up. The experienced ones have run to schedule 9 times out of 10. You don’t need the added stress and worry on your wedding day.

3. A “one man band” wont be sufficient and if a Hair and Make Up stylist tries and tell you otherwise look else where. We have encountered quite a number of weddings where it was one hair/make up artist doing all the make up and hair styling. Suffice to say I’ve never seen any of them complete hair and make up on schedule.

4. Pre-Make up Trials. Make use of them. Its a great way for you to get to know your make up artist but most importantly you can try before you buy (be aware most make up trials are NOT free but it does pay to try)! We know of many brides who’s first choice hair and make up didnt quite work out during the hair and make up trial and they have switched hair and make up artist at the last minute. Always organise a trial well in advance of your wedding day eg 3-4 months out. If things dont work out, you give yourself 3-4 months to find a replacement hair and make up crew.

5. Pick a make up artist that knows how to do hair and make up for photography!. Professionally trained hair and make up artist knows how to do make up for photography. What the human eye sees and the camera captures are two different things. While your make up  may look fantastic in real life, it may not be enough to show up on camera. A good make up artist will know how to do your make up to make sure you look flawless on camera and wont look like a clown in real life.

6. Pick a make up artist that uses good make up products. You want your make up to last an entire day and the last thing you want is your make up artist using inferior products and your make up fades/runs/smudges off on your wedding day!

7. Last but not least, choose a friendly hair and make up artist. We cannot stress this enough. A nice and friendly hair and make up crew adds to the fun and enjoyment of your wedding day.

Remember the day is all about you!! Memories fade over time… but photos wont…. it will capture how you look on the day! So you want your hair and make up to be perfect!!

If you are looking for a good hair and makeup artist visit our recommendations page to see who we recommend

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